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Manual Apple Peeler

         On display at the NRA Show

          To peel, core or slice apples and pears in only one operation!
  • thickness of the slices: 4 mm
  • production: about 88 lbs/hr 
  • thickness of the peel and diameter of the core is adjustable
  • pression of the peeling blade on the fruit adjustable
  • also suitable for zesting lemons and oranges
  • clamp fixation


Code Description Price USD Qty
N4230 Professional Apple Peeler

Product dimensions : 5" " W x 8.25" " H x 12.5" (max. length 15.5") " L

Package Weight 5 lbs

Maximum shipping fee $20 USD or $20 CAD*
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  • Material: Cast aluminum and stainless steel
  • Origin: France
  • Warranty: 3 months