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The "Chef" Mandoline

The "Chef" mandoline is a sturdy stainless steel mandoline that allows you to cut even the most delicate fruits and vegetables with precision. You can choose from a variety of cutting shapes and thickness allowing you to make chips, matchsticks or waffle-cuts easily and you can slice and shred with ease. Julienne vegetables or cut perfect French fries. With only one lever for adjustment, this chef-style mandoline is easy to operate. The reversible stand features 2 support handles for double use, for holding the mandoline in your hand and the other for supporting it on the countertop. It also boasts a non-skid support of maximum safety.


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Code Description Price USD Qty
10201 "The Chef" Mandoline Polycarbonate Hand Guard
*Included with the 21038*

Package Weight 1 lbs

10202 "The Chef" Mandoline 2 mm Cutting Blade
2 mm

Package Weight 0.25 lbs

10204 "The Chef" Mandoline 4 mm Cutting Blade
4 mm

Package Weight 0.25 lbs

10207 "The Chef" Mandoline 7 mm Cutting Blade
7 mm

Package Weight 0.25 lbs

10210 "The Chef" Mandoline 10 mm Cutting Blade
10 mm

Package Weight 0.25 lbs

15000 "The Chef" Mandoline

Product dimensions : 1.5" " W x 1.5" " H x 15.5" " L

Package Weight 5 lbs

10212 "The Chef" Mandoline Flat blade

Package Weight 0.25 lbs

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Multi-cuts: Julienne cuts, waffle cuts, slice or crinkle cuts. Precise thickness adjustment until 12.7 mm (0.5 in). Complete mandoline with guard, stand, 4 Julienne blades (2, 4, 7, and 10 mm), and blade storage box.
  • Material: Mandoline: 18/10 stainless steel; Guard: black polycarbonate; Blades: special hard stainless steel (razor sharp).
  • Origin: France
  • Warranty: 3 months