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EH Fusain Bread Loaf

  • EMILE HENRY® Fusian Bread Loaf Baker
  • Crafted from Emile Henry's innovative refractory ceramic, this Italian Bread Loaf Baker assures an evenly baked bread and a beautiful presentation on the table.
  • Bake artisan-style golden loaves at home with this loaf baker.
  • Dome shaped lid is made from refractory ceramic and creates the same conditions as a traditional bread oven, with the right level of humidity during the baking process to get a golden, crispy crust with a soft, airy inside.
  • The HR® ceramic (High Resistance) ensures that the heat is diffused evenly for controlled cooking
  • Excellent resistance temperature fluctuation, allowing the dish to go from the freezer to a hot oven (-20°C / +270°C).

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Code Description Price USD Qty
91795504 Fusain Bread Loaf Baker Capacity: 2 qt. (7.6 L)
Size: 9'' L x 6'' W x 5" H (24 x15 x 12.5 cm)

Capacity : 2 qt. (7.6 L)

Maximum shipping fee $20 USD or $20 CAD*
Free shipping for purchases over $300 USD / $350 CAD*
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  • Dishwasher / Microwave / Oven / Freezer / Safe
  • Ceramic Lead, cadmium and nickel free
  • HR (High Resistance) Ceramic®
  • Capacity: 2 qt. (7.6 L)
  • Material: HR Ceramic®
  • Origin: France
  • Warranty: 10 Years


  • Excellent resistance to temperature fluctuations!
  • Allowing the dish to go straight from the freezer to a hot oven (-20°C / +450°C).
  • Diffuses heat evenly to bring out most subtle flavors of your ingredients.