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0439510 | Vacuum Chamber Oil

FoodMax Air can be used safely in all type of compressors!
Product created on a full synthetic base oil and specially
selected additives for chamber vacuum packaging machines.

Formulation is NSF H-1 approved HVI for better compressor
protection at elevated temperatures,
Low volatility and carry over into filters and storage tanks,
Very high flash & auto-ignition points for additional safety,
Great coolant properties to help dissipate compressor heat,
Extra long life fluid allows for extended oil drains,
FoodMax Air meets DIN 51506 VDL Standards.

Excellent properties:
Oxidation stability and long life at very high temperatures
Carbon and varnish control to help reduce valve deposits
Rust & corrosion control + Film strength & anti-wear properties

Product available only in Canada*


Code Description Price USD Qty
0439510 Full synthetic Chamber Vacuum Oil 1 L (0.26 gal.) bottle
Food grade air compressor & vacuum pump fluid.
Maximum shipping fee $20 USD or $20 CAD*
Free shipping for purchases over $300 USD / $350 CAD*
*Restrictions apply


Not for Sale in the US - Product available only in Canada


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