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Commercial Chamber Vacuum Sealer VM16

Orved’s Chamber Vacuum Sealer are projected and manufactured to vacuum pack in bags, either inside or outside the vacuum chamber, and in containers. The vacuum chamber is completely stainless steel built, material which guarantees its robustness and duration. Useful instruments in restaurant and hotel kitchens, they can be easily used in all wholesale food activities (meat, sausage products, cheese, etc.) and in supermarkets. Orved’s range of products is extremely rich and proposes various products, different in sizes, applications and characteristics.

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Code Description Price USD Qty
VM16 Chamber Vacuum Machine (Electromechanical)

Product dimensions : 17.25" " W x 17" " H x 20.75" " L

Package dimensions : 47" " W x 22" " H x 32" " L

Net Weight : 112.5 lbs

Package Weight 145 lbs

OPT DIGITAL/VM16 Digital Option for VM16
PLANVM16 Inclined Shelf for VM16
Allows packing of liquid into bags by gravity, keeping liquid at bottom of bag. Bag must only be half-full and attention paid to temperature.

Package Weight 5 lbs

VM16 Extra Sealing Bar Chamber Vacuum Machine (Electromechanical)
Available Option/ Please contact us!
Free on purchases over $300 US / $350 CAD*
restrictions apply


Chamber Size: 13" W × 17" D × 4" H
Sealing Beam: 12 1/4"
Vacuum Pump: 12 m3/h
Final Pressure: 2 mbar
Max. Bag Width: 11.7″ × 17.7"
Bag Type: CB, SB and SCB
Vuotobox compatible
Internal & external vacuuming
  • Volts: 120
  • Watts: 750
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Origin: Italy
  • Warranty: 1 year parts and labor
*Available Options* (Call us for pricing, 50% deposit required, non-refundable)
• Additional sealing beam, 50 Hz • Upper sealing beam • Double sealing beam • Digital controls • Vacuum sensor • Inert gas system • Soft-Air
Ships by transport (less-than-truckload). *REQUIRES A PALLET.


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