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SAP010R | Panini Grill

Best quality surface to enjoy cooking with
maximum versatility! Discover our new
SpidoGlass™ Ceramic top & St./Steel body.
Italian Contact Grill. See features and
benefits in Videos further below.

Single size contact Grill,
Cooking surface; 9.8" x 9.8" ,
Makes no smoke while cooking,
Exceptional uniform heat distribution,
Cook what you want with temperatures
at 752°F / 400°C (max. setting),
Reduce time by 60% and make annual
savings of up to 600 kWh,
One scraper included,
Easy to clean and always ready to use!
Click here to find SpidoCleaner accessory.

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SAP010R Glass Ceramic Panini Grill (120 Volts)
Plates: Bottom Flat & Top Ribbed

Product dimensions : 13 " W x 7 " H x 18 " L

Nema :
5-15P 5-15P

Volts : 120V

Watts : 1500

Amperage : 12.3A

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Black glass ceramic cooking surfaces are less transparent to infrared rays (80% contact cooking - 20% infrared cooking), ensuring faster heating at the core of the food and a more uniform internal temperature. Available in smooth and ribbed versions.

COOKING QUALITY: Combination of glass ceramic tops and an innovating heating system guarantees uniform heat both at the center and on the sides of the cooking surface and ensures the food's original flavor is maintained.

VERSATILITY: Reach high temperatures allows you to not only heat up panini and toasted sandwiches, but also to cook a wide variety of different foods such as fish, meat, vegetables, eggs, etc.

TIME & ENERGY SAVINGS: Working speed and thermal efficiency allow for savings of up to 60% in thermal increase times and therefore also in annual energy consumption.

EASY CLEANING & MAINTENANCE: No smoke during cooking, simple and easy to cleaning after use, specific products to maintain performance over time.
  • Amperage: 12.3A
  • Volts: 120V
  • Watts: 1500
  • Material: Vitroceramic cooking surface with Stainless Steel body
  • Origin: Italy
  • Warranty: 1 Year parts and Labor


5-15P 5-15P


  • Met approved 1
  • Nsf2