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8 pieces | Special Set

TRIANGLE™ Professional Carving
Tool Set, made in Germany.

Designed from hardened stainless steel are
high-quality manufactured tools are perfectly
sharpened! Anti-slip grip ensures precise
handling even with wet hands. Roll-up bag
allows the tools to be stored safely.

8 different Tools for melons and
ornamental carving, Set includes:
2580350 (Carving Tool E1)
2580650 (Carving Tool F1)
2580750 (Carving Tool G1)
2580960 (Carving Tool H1)
2582560 (Carving Tool I1)
2582723 (Carving Tool K)
2582810 (Carving Tool L),
2582912 (12 mm Melon Baller)
SA0010 (Nylon Roll-up Bag)

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908310802 Professional Special Carving 8 pieces Tool Set
Comes with Transport Nylon Roll-up Bag.
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  • Material: Stainless Steel | Polypropylene (PP) & Anti-Slip Santoprene Handle
  • Origin: Germany
  • Warranty: 3 months